Note: Highlighted Class Titles Collectively Satisfy Accreditation Manager Training Standard

All Commission Training Sessions are conducted in English unless otherwise noted.


Accreditation Orientation Part 1 and 2
Orientation is a brief overview of CALEA process and programs. It also serves as a platform to meet your Regional Program Manager and ask general questions. The program managers will give guidance on what to expect during the conference, give suggestions for workshops to attend for training. This designed for new attendees.

Priorities and Getting Started – Developing a Management Process
This class will provide an introduction to the CALEA Accreditation process and assist new accreditation managers and chief executive officers in developing strategies for managing the requirements of the program.  It will include discussions on first steps and suggestions for policy development to support compliance.

How to Manage Files for Compliance
This class will provide suggestions on developing files to effectively demonstrate compliance with CALEA Standards.  A review of the purpose of the file construction protocol and examples of appropriate files will be provided.  Discussions will occur regarding issues to consider and best practices.

Written Directives and Proofs of Compliance
This class will focus on documents qualifying as written directives and proofs of compliance that complement the accreditation process. An emphasis will be placed on file construction and demonstrating compliance with standards for Commission review. This course is for accreditation manager training and new attendees.

Accreditation Practices - What’s old is new again….Or is it?
This session is geared to those who have been engaged in the accreditation process for several assessment cycles.  Veteran accreditation managers will discuss their techniques, their challenges, and yes, even their frustrations, as their agencies mature with the process.  This session will be in roundtable format.  Be ready to participate!

Preparing for Web-based and Site-based Assessments (4 years)
This class will review the duties and responsibilities of the agency, assessment team, and CALEA staff when preparing for an assessment. Agencies that have transitioned or will transition to the 4-year cycle this year are encouraged to attend.

Preparing an Analysis and Time Sensitive Standards Training
The purpose of this class is to focus on the fundamental concepts of an analysis, while reviewing the requirements of the related CALEA Standards.

PowerDMS: Getting Started with Your Accreditation Process
This session is especially designed for agencies or accreditation managers who are new to PowerDMS Standards. Topics which will be covered include: Registering to the CALEA community, subscribing to your manual, manual navigation, creating your assessment, assigning roles and tasks amongst many other things.

PowerDMS Standards:  Managing Your Accreditation Process
This session is especially designed for agencies or accreditation managers who have already set up their assessment and are in the process of managing their accreditation.  Topics which will be covered include: Adding attachments, creating highlights, assigning status, moving attachments between roles, copying attachments to a new assessment, setting up your mock and final assessor amongst other things. 

PowerDMS Documents and Workflows
Learn how to use the PowerDMS Policy tool to manage Documents and utilize Workflows. Upload your existing documents or policies and send them through a workflow electronically for collaboration and approval. Once approved, documents can be sent out for electronic signature and are always searchable by your employees.

PowerDMS User Group
This group is good for those new to PowerDMS as well as experienced users.  Attendees will have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have to the PowerDMS Trainers and to other PowerDMS users.  This is a great platform to network and share your knowledge and experience with other PowerDMS Users.

Recent Changes to Standards and/or Process
This class will provide an overview of standards that have been added or amended during the past twelve months, including all CALEA Accreditation programs. It will also include a review of any process changes. All agencies involved in the CALEA process are encouraged to attend.

Peer to Peer Connection
This Class is an open discussion with a panel consisting of current CALEA Client CEO’s, Accreditation Managers, or Assessors who will speak of their experience in the various programs and assessment processes.  Attendees of the class are encouraged to ask questions of the panel members to get answers to the questions from those who have been through the experience.  Regional Program Managers will also be in attendance for questions at the end of the class. 

Managing Multiple CALEA Programs
This class will focus on agencies wishing to pursue multiple accreditation programs offered by CALEA. Topics will include, but are not limited to fee structures, file construction, and assessments. Agencies with communications, training academy, and law enforcement functions are encouraged to attend.

Leading with Accreditation (CEO Training)
CALEA credentialing programs are designed to be best practices in the delivery of high quality public safety services.  Participation in these programs enriches administrative and management practices of agencies that actively engage in the processes.  This class will explore how CALEA standards and processes serve to facilitate the development of good leadership throughout all levels of public safety organizations.